On the side : interactive video shopping in Youtique

By Boyana Draganova

We are all used to shopping online nowadays. From fast food to home furniture, most people have filled their virtual shopping baskets with goodies. As much as we have enjoyed the convenience of these online stores, however, a brand new kind of shopping has entered the virtual age, which will yet again change our experience of buying from our computer!

What is Youtique?

Youtique is the most interactive video shop you’ll ever see on the online market today. Created within the video platform of YouTube, it was designed for the famous boutique French Connection and it’s been hot on the market since September 2010.

French Connection’s Youtique is the first of its kind online video store in the UK, which uses YouTube’s Annotations feature. The only other brands who have trialled this way of shopping are the US-based companies Old Spice and Toyota.

How to shop in Youtique?

When you enter the site, you can select from a series of videos whichever outfit you are looking for, depending on the occasion. For example, you can find an ensemble for a winter wedding, a night out, or a more professional outfit for work. Once you click on a video, stylist Louise Roe will guide you as to what accessories and shoes will best suit your outfit. Then, you can check out how the outfit looks on a model while having the option to select whichever item of clothing you wish to buy. From there, it’s back to the usual procedure of online payment. Simple, eh?

Why don’t you check it out for yourself? Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s fun to just browse through the outfits and dream…

Click here to see French Connection’s Youtique

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