Ipad taking over the Macbook: a new way to consume online content emerges

First generation Ipad

First generation Ipad. Wikimedia/Glenn Fleishman

By Caroline Bodin

Steve Jobs has managed just another miracle in a period of time where the word profit is rarely used whereas budget cuts has been in fashion for the last couple of years. But the technology genius just shows us one more time that time saving efficient electronic tools will always have a place on the market. And one thing the Ipad sales is showing us is that people are indeed ready to consume news differently. Next week, we’ll get deeper into the subject looking at the first ever online newspaper designed especially for the Ipad, The Daily.

TechCrunch, the technically savyy website has the latest figures which are, I have to say, very impressive :

« Last quarter, Apple sold 7.33 million iPads. Broken down, they made just over $4.6 billion off of the product for the quarter. That puts it ahead of the $3.69 billion the MacBook business made for Apple during the same time frame (…) In total, Apple has now sold 14.8 million iPads since the device’s launch last April. »

What is the Apple genius’ secret ? Well, it seems that again, compared to other tablets, the Ipad stands out because it is an amazing tool, that has not only a great design but, like other Apple products, is easy to use, efficient and very practical.

While the product’s difference with the Macbooks is very obvious – its weight and size, and although the Ipad isn’t a computer it still feels like you’re carrying your own personnal workstation. And this is definitely a 21st century need.

Watch Wired‘s special editor’s view on the Ipad:

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