The Daily, the first iPad only newspaper has launched!

By Caroline Bodin

Online journalism is taking a new step today. The Daily is out ! The first online only newspaper, designed especially for the Ipad is finally out, after different dates being announced by News Corp. In the middle of the News of the World turmoil it seems like a bad timing for the launch of the news app specially designed for Apple’s shiny new tablet.

The Daily is only accessible in the United States for now, which means you cannot access it from your Itunes account in the UK, but there is gravy on The Daily for the launch as the first couple of weeks subscription are offered as part of a deal with Internet Service Provider Verizon.

Ruppert Murdoch is aiming for a million subscription to make The Daily economically viable and the Daily subscriptions are as follow : 1$ for the first week, 40$ for the first year.


Overall, one day after the product has been out, critics are not amazed. But the interactive and multimedia side of the product is certainly praised by most media outlets and as The Economist points out, “That “what-the-hell price” could become a benchmark”. For Entertainment Weekly, it is “pretty breezily designed” while Jeff Jarvis is “trying to get (his) head around the economics”. The Guardian also made a whole video going through the product in detail, which we recommend at Press Play for news.

Also, rumour has it that a journalist from Reuters has spotted the 2.0 version of the Ipad during the Daily’s launch conference, a new model with an integrated webcam. Or ”Reuters Knows A Guy Who Knows A Guy Who Totally Saw The iPad 2 Today” according to tech savyy website Techcrunch.

Watch a video introducing The Daily:


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