St Patrick’s Day goes online, laddies and lasses!

By Boyana Draganova

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day to all Irish and aspiring OVJ's!

As a current citizen of London, I am lucky to have witnessed many incredible and absolutely free events with news value.

One of these happened to be St Patrick’s Day, which was celebrated in Trafalgar Square on 13 March (traditionally, the festivities are held on 17 March worldwide, but since this year the day didn’t fall on a weekend, the outdoor festival got started at the closest date possible).

This year proved to be another spectacular event with at least 100, 000 people attending.

The stage greeted some incredible numbers including amazing Irish dances from the Delaney Academy and traditional-turned-modern Irish music band Beoga just to name a few!

There was a splash of green on everyone in the crowd, whether it be on a scarf, hat or a face painted shamrock. Groups of friends regularly broke out dancing and singing in circles, whisking along a bunch of strangers. Of course, let’s not forget the pints of Guinness which all self-respectable Irishmen and women were sipping.

Here’s how I captured some of that atmosphere!

There was also a parade with dazzlingly green fairy-like dancers and numerous other high-spirited participants. Take a look!

Don’t forget that anyone who has a camera or a good video quality phone, can start doing OVJ in their own city.

Wherever you are, I’m sure there is lots going on which professional journalists are not aware of and which you can cover yourself. Spread the news by posting the report online and let everybody else see what they’ve missed. That way you will open up a topic for debate, which can both strengthen your online presence and include many others in your experience.

Whatever your ambitions with online video, Press Play For News is a good place to start!

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