Anti-cuts protests shake the streets of London

By Boyana Draganova

Protesters carrying a Trojan horse which was set on fire later in Oxford Circus

Protesters carrying a Trojan horse which was set on fire later in Oxford Circus

2011 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year when the people had enough. Enough with their governments turning back on their word; enough with the system for procuring a decent education, creating your own private business and retiring with dignity adjusting itself to the wallets of the rich instead of the needs of the hard-working public. These issues among many others were on the minds of the hundreds of thousands of protesters marching in London on 26 March.

Even though the mainstream media covered the event by air and land, their cameras failed to capture certain noteworthy details about the march: a baby sleeping calmly in its carriage while demonstrators were whistling and yelling right beside it; a quickly scribbled ‘No Masters’ sign on the ground in front of Downing Street; the protesters carrying placards in support of the police even though officers were kettling demonstrators near-by. What was impossible to ignore was the good-natured camaraderie amongst the marchers chanting jokingly slogans like ‘We all live in a Tory wet dream!’

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s how I followed the action:

This is the kind of event that online video journalists crave because when the BBC said the marchers were about 250 000, I could clearly see they were much more than that. With a constant line of human traffic marching from Embankment to Hyde Park, it was difficult not to be swept into the crowd.

Even though the spirits of the people were high, there was always the nagging question of whether the demonstrations were going to bring about a real change or not. After mulling it over a tad bitterly myself, I decided that nothing would ever be done if such hopeless thinking were to discourage any mode of action.

And so they marched until Hyde park. I’m sure you will find the scene quite transformed:

To all other OVJ’s who covered the rally and everyone else who witnessed it, by all means share your views on the issue below!

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