Apple’s Ipad 2, the best tool out there for online video and journalism?

By Caroline Bodin

Fans had gathered yesterday at the Apple store on Regent street, some queuing for more then 30 hours. Press play for news went out reporting with an Iphone on the Ipad 2. I met a few of the fans on Regent street, and talked to them while they were queuing. Here is what they had to say about it :

The Ipad 2, what makes it so special ?

About 300 people were queueing yesterday to get their hands on the new Apple phenomenon : Ipad 2. According to the fans around, the tablet is not only the greatest tablet available, it is also the best tool around to mix and match. Whether surfing the net, watching a film, making one or switching to the news, the Ipad 2 is easy to use, has a great number of applications available and enables its users to multitask in a way that neither their Macbook nor their Iphones can.

With an integrated camera, Ipad is definitely taking a stand, making it clear video is the medium neccesary for any tech product coming out these days. But no other products causes such mania. Has the Ipad become the Justin Bieber of technology geeks?

Apple’s official video presentation of the Ipad 2


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