Mix and match : Online, Mobile and Television, the everywhere solutions that will change the way we consume the news

Google TV Logo

Google TV Logo

By Caroline Bodin

Mobile streaming & TV everywhere solutions are being developped by tech savyy companies inlcluding Google and Adobe but also directly by TV channels like CNN, Sky news or even less known distributors like Mobovivo, who create funky little TV applications for mobile devices. Other solutions have already proven worthwhile like Livestation, already used by BBC News, Al Jazeera and many others broadcasters.

According to R&DMag, the demand in video streaming for mobile devices is growing so much that ‘‘wireless cell phone traffic is expected to increase by as much as 65 times by 2014, with most of this increase in the form of streaming digital video. If the forecast holds true, 3G and 4G wireless networks won’t be able to support the demand, and the influx of video traffic could grind mobile networks to a halt.’’

So let’s take a peak at what’s standing out today in terms of mobile, online and television services.

– Google TV : a pay service that provides online tools – videos, social networks, live streaming – brings them to your television and let’s you use them all at once if you feel like it (see video underneath). Google TV also recently came up with a new Iphone app (Google TV remote), that turns your little friend into a handy remote controller for your shiny new Google box.



– Livestation : Livestation enables you to watch a live stream of various worldwide channels. I highly recommend this platform and its choice of many quality broadcasters. It’s definitely the best way to get broadcast news from wherever you are, as long as you’re connected with the Net.

CNN logo

CNN logo

– CNN TV everywhere solution : a project of live streaming. CNN is developping its own version of content for mobile devices. According to Fierce Online Video ‘‘Users of the service will use the CNN app to sign in with their pay-TV operator and then will be able to view the same programming currently being broadcast’’ CNN will also offer the possiblity to create personal playlists, encourageing viewers to come up with their own CNN channel in their pocket. It will also ‘‘include options for video and text commenting and iReport integration, allowing amateur reports to be viewed alongside professional content’’ reported Fierce Online video. The service is expected to be launched this summer.


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