New video application for Iphone by Vimeo

By Caroline Bodin

The long awaited for Vimeo application for Iphone is finally out! Vimeo blamed the fact that they were developing an application specially designed for Apple’s Iphone to explain the little delay – only about a year… But cheerio, the application is free and sounds great!

Basically you can capture, combine, edit and trim your videos, but you can also add transitions, titles and effects. If you feel like adding some music or controlling the sound levels, the application also lets you do that. Once you’re happy with your little Iphone video package, two options: you can either save it on your phone or upload it directly to Vimeo. It sounds like Apple’s pay app, iMovie, now has new and serious competition.


Credits: Vimeo

The application is available now on the App store and if you are the proud owner of a 3G or 4G Apple Iphone, then you can download it now, and for free. And the little bonus on this app, is a specially built system ”that lets users resume from where an upload left off”, should your internet connection fail, CNN reports.

Unfortunately, for Android users and others, the app has been put on hold for now, but Press Play for News will keep an eye out and let you know if anything new arises.


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