Newsjack: where you make the news in video

By Boyana Draganova

Every day the most popular video uploading websites, like YouTube and Vimeo, are bombarded with new submissions from everyone on the planet and their dog. Even though this is precisely why these platforms have become so widely used, the web needs more places where the user-generated content is about something more than millions of videos of ‘everybody, look at my cute kitty!’

What is Newsjack?

Newsjack main page

Newsjack main page

Newsjack is a newly emerging free online platform which works exclusively with user-generated video. Unlike any other uploading service, Newsjack is dedicated to working with citizen journalists in sharing the news that hasn’t been reported in the mainsteam media. In other words, ‘somewhere you can get the real story, from real people’.


How does it work?

Whether you want to upload a video from your mobile or your desktop, Newsjack allows you to edit the piece online, so that sharing news becomes quick and easy wherever you are. Once you sing up for an account, you can also subscribe to other users’ video channels and follow their work. With a slick layout and graphics, the site really is a joy to use.

More useful info- downsides, categories

The downside is that since the site is still relatively new, it doesn’t allow for any non-English content to be uploaded. Also, you can only upload files of up to 20MB in size, but that can be fixed by saving your video file as standard definition, instead of high-quality when you’re using a video editing program, like Windows Movie Maker; or you can try compressing your file.

Another great feature which separates Newsjack from many other video uploading services is that it has organized its video content in 6 categories: general, eco, comedy, blog (or vlog), celebrity and sport.

I’ve posted below one of my favorite videos comparing British and American politicians.

Boris Johnson vs George Bush


So go ahead share your news videos and help this community grow!


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