The Stream : social networks are coming to your TV screen on Al-Jazeera

Al-Jazeera English, newsroom in Doha, Qatar.

Al-Jazeera English, newsroom in Doha, Qatar. Wikimedia/CMDavid

By Caroline Bodin

A new talk show is coming on Al-Jazeera English, Wired reports. One that involves social networking and very little on set pre-production : an unusual and, I would even say, risky choice. But Al-Jazeera, the Qatari based network, has just shown the world how good a channel can be when taking risks.

The Stream will start in May on a half hour slot, with no script, no guests on site and no satellite hookup. Continue reading

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Fantastic events left out of the media: the TNT Travel Show

By Boyana Draganova

2011 TNT Travel Show

2011 TNT Travel Show

London’s largest free travel exhibition came and went with many potential viewers left none the wiser. Why? Because there was no journalist present to cover it. So Press Play For News reporter, Boyana Draganova, decided to test her skills again at video reporting.

The sheer amount of information, discounts and contacts freely available at the 2011 TNT Travel Show is incredible and it is truly disappointing that many such events don’t make it to the news reports. Organized by TNT magazine on 19 March, the show is a must-see for every travel enthusiast.

What the show offers

The greatest perk of the event is that if you’ve decided to go on a trip anywhere in the world and even if you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can come down Continue reading

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St Patrick’s Day goes online, laddies and lasses!

By Boyana Draganova

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day to all Irish and aspiring OVJ's!

As a current citizen of London, I am lucky to have witnessed many incredible and absolutely free events with news value.

One of these happened to be St Patrick’s Day, which was celebrated in Trafalgar Square on 13 March (traditionally, the festivities are held on 17 March worldwide, but since this year the day didn’t fall on a weekend, the outdoor festival got started at the closest date possible).

This year proved to be another spectacular event with at least 100, 000 people attending.

The stage greeted some incredible numbers including amazing Irish dances from Continue reading

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Tibetan protests in London

Tibetan protests in London

Three protesters dressed in blue costumes representing the people gone missing in Tibet's uprising

Press Play For News reporter, Boyana Draganova, was on site this Saturday as hundreds of people from various nationalities marched through London’s streets in support of Tibetans who are still under China’s harsh rule.

This protest is done every year in rememberance of Dalai Lama’s exile from Tibet on 17 March 52 years ago marking the country’s loss of independence.

Starting from St James’ Park tube station and culminating in front of the Chinese Embassy, this march proves the undying determination of people from all over the world to see Tibet free and obeying only its own laws. Continue reading

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All seriousness aside

Just a quick word in this time…

Don’t worry if your online video news report doesn’t look professional enough.

Here are a few tips on how you can make it sound more authoritative.

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The Video Journalism Movement reshaping the global news agenda

By Boyana Draganova

The Video Journalism Movement website

The Video Journalism Movement website

Following the protests in countries like Tunisia and more recently, in Egypt, it became clearer that regular news reporting is not enough to cover the whole story.

In those cases, websites like Twitter and Facebook took over as the main outlets for updates and opinions on the unfolding events, rather than the local or foreign media.

It became apparent that more input is needed from those who are in the thick of it, so that journalists can project as many viewpoints on the issue as possible. Continue reading

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The Daily, the first iPad only newspaper has launched!

By Caroline Bodin

Online journalism is taking a new step today. The Daily is out ! The first online only newspaper, designed especially for the Ipad is finally out, after different dates being announced by News Corp. In the middle of the News of the World turmoil it seems like a bad timing for the launch of the news app specially designed for Apple’s shiny new tablet.

The Daily is only accessible in the United States for now, which means you cannot access it from your Itunes account in the UK, but there is gravy on The Daily Continue reading

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